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How to finalize luxury custom acrylic display stands?

How to finalize custom acrylic display stands? I am sure that you must have ever typed in google to search for the answers. Never mind. That is the same thing happened to us. In this post, we will show you how to custom-make acrylic display stands step by step.

luxury custom acrylic display stands | acrylic cosmetic display

Custom Acrylic display stands colors

For your information, you should have an idea of the cosmetics acrylic display stands color theme if your product is cosmetics. Please note it: whatever your products are, such as skincare, perfume, stationery, you also need to figure out your theme atmosphere to confirm the custom acrylic display stands color.

You may say, I have no idea about the custom acrylic display stands color because I am not aware about this. Please don’t worry. Actgreen Acrylic Display is a professional custom acrylic display stands vendor from China, which has an experienced design team to help you on this.

The most common use color is opal white, glossy black and clear. These 3 colors could be stated in the elements in the custom acrylic display stands line.

After confirming the major color theme, you are able to add the other decorate such as poster, silk-screened logo, silver mirror acrylic, golden mirror acrylic, etc.

custom acrylic display stands | skincare acrylic display

Custom Acrylic display stands thickness

You might think this is just a normal point which it is not so important. But I have to tell you that you are wrong. This is a very significant aspect which affects the custom acrylic display stands steady and lifetime.

For your reference, there are 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm etc. However, the most common use thickness is 3 mm and 5 mm. Actgreen Acrylic Display is able to produce custom acrylic display stands with 3 mm and 5 mm acrylic, formulating a stable structure. Of course, if you want thicker acrylic, that is no problem. But please remember, the thicker, the higher price.

Therefore, it is much reasonable cost for custom acrylic display stands with 3 mm and 5 mm thickness.

Custom Acrylic Display Stands Theme

When we talked about the custom acrylic display stands, that means the acrylic display stand is able to generate with the appearance you like and the size you want. Just like DIY, Actgreen Acrylic Display is able to bring your concept into reality with the experienced design team.

However, you must keep an eye on the acrylic stand size limitation. In other words, you need to tell us the size limitation if there is to avoid the acrylic risers could not fit onto the counter or shelves display.

For your information, the default acrylic display stand appearance theme is acrylic base plus acrylic back panel with changeable poster, which it is able to show your company image, company slogan and company philosophy etc.

When comes to acrylic base, there is usually your company logo on the front of the acrylic base. Regarding the logo option, there are many options like silk-screened logo, hot stamp logo, mirror acrylic logo. You may want to know which option is the best.

However, there is not the best option but only the suitable option.

Why? Because they all have some good feature and some bad feature.

You just need to find out which option is suitable for you but this depends on the logo and acrylic display structure. Actgreen Acrylic Display is specific in acrylic display stand for years, which will be experienced enough to provide you the best option based on the reality. However, the most common used logo option is the silk-screened logo option with reasonable cost and long-lasting.

gorgeous custom acrylic display stands

Custom Acrylic Stand Layout

If you are at the cosmetics line, congratulations, the acrylic cosmetic display is much complicated than the others, such as acrylic skincare display, acrylic perfume display, acrylic stationery display etc. With the whole cosmetics collection, the acrylic display should be with an angle to present the makeup well. That is why the acrylic cosmetic display is difficult than the other acrylic displays. But there is no need to worry. Actgreen Acrylic Display is good at acrylic cosmetic display for years.

Please send your products to us, and we would finalize the layout and confirm the holes for you. You just sit with some drink, waiting for our proposal.

When comes to custom acrylic display stand production, I guess you may have some idea about this. Yes, that is the thing in your head.

First, use a cutting machine to cut the acrylic into pieces with the required size. If there are the products holes for the acrylic piece, they should be laser cut by laser cutting machine.

Secondly, comes to the glue step to generated into shapes. At this step, we would 45-degree technology to glue pieces together, which makes the custom acrylic display stand seamless.

What’s more, the edge would be polished by diamond polishing machine and wheel polishing, depending on the acrylic display stand structure.

Last but not the least, recheck the acrylic display details because detail comes first. The key for success is details. Since we were young, our teacher always teach us success or failure comes from details. I believe you have also got this knowledge from your teacher. If we want to be alive forever, we must pay attention to the details.

When reading to this, you may say, wow that is so complicated to work out a luxury custom acrylic display stands. However, you may be right or may be wrong. If we get much more information from google, you will find out everything will be the same, just like reading. Don’t you think reading is a complicated and tough job to accomplish? I don’t think so. Reading just like eating, drinking, breathing, which is just a nature behavior around us.

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