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How to Clean Acrylic Stand displays

Nowadays, acrylic stand displays are more and more popular than before. You can easily find them anywhere. At the cosmetics store, you will see the acrylic cosmetic displays to present the makeup products very well. At the bread shop, you will see the cakes or bread clearly though the clear acrylic bread display. At candy shop, you are able to choose the candy you want from the clear acrylic boxes. Even at home, you are using the clear acrylic photo frame or the nail polish display rack. Therefore, acrylic stand displays are already one part of our life. You can see it, touch it, feel it easily.

Though acrylic stand displays are the normal thing now, I doubt that you know acrylic display stands very well. Maybe you do not agree with my words. Let me ask you one question which is concerned with everyone who uses the acrylic display stand.

Do you know how to clean the acrylic stand displays?

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How to clean the acrylic stand displays?

To clean your acrylic stand displays properly you will need to make the right choice of cloth and cleaning products.

The acrylic display stands we offer is long-lasting and good strength. However, if they are not cleaned well and taken good care of with a regular basis, over time, the acrylic would turn yellow or cloudy, no matter how high-end quality it is.

There are two reasons for this. One is that the wrong type of cleaner and the other is the wrong type of rag, which were used for cleaning the acrylic stand displays.

It takes a long time for you to know a little care about the acrylic cleaning. In order to make it much easier for you, we have combined 3 easy-to-follow steps guide together for you to check and take good care of any acrylic display stands, featuring an acrylic surface.

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How to Clean Your Acrylic Stand Displays in 3 Steps

It should be a priority to keep your acrylic stand displays clean. Your display stand keeps your memorabilia like new after all.

1. Take a dry lint-free cloth and use short, gentle strokes across the surface to clear any debris, residue or dust. Avoid using too much pressure as it may cause stress fractures.

The type of cloth you use for cleaning is just as important as the product you use. The wrong type will leave tiny scratches or streaks and smears behind, so choose them with care.

The best method for long-lasting displays is to use a soft lint-free cloth and only use it for that purpose. Many prefer to use them only once and use a fresh one each time to avoid grit or residue.

Disposable cloths are sometimes a go-to for many because they are easy to use and inexpensive. The problem with these are that they contain products that can leave the case discolored or cause streaking.

2. With a small amount of water (soapy water is the best and safest solution for cleaning acrylic surfaces) another cloth and clean the entire surface, working in sections.

While there are specific products designed for cleaning acrylic, water alone will clean the surface. Depending on how dirty the acrylic is, you can use detergents that were made for this specific use.

3. Once the surface is clean, the final step is to dry it. As before, always use a fresh lint-free cloth with slow, gentle strokes to avoid streaks. If the rag gets too damp, use a fresh one to finish drying. This prevents streaks and water spots.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Acrylic Stand Displays

Always keep in mind that the acrylic surfaces of your display stand can be very easily scratched from harsh cleaners, scrubbers and even from a paper towel.

With the method above, you should always keep your acrylic stand displays new. Feel free to reach out Actgreen Acrylic Display for your own custom-made acrylic stand displays.

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