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3 reasons for making Luxury Acrylic Table Top Display

For a company, what is the most important thing? That is to have a good market. It is the same for luxury acrylic table top display stand manufacturers. Acrylic table top display suppliers, who do a very good product to meet customer needs more effectively, are able to gain more from the market of acrylic table top display stands. In my view, custom fast, diverse, small quantities are the key to a successful acrylic risers.

Firstly, acrylic table top display vendors need to have a good display design, according to different design different merchandise display, so that it can maximize the merchandise to bring out the beauty concession line the streets to attract consumers better live. 

While the texture of good workmanship is also very important. Imagine if you have produced something just a superfluous, then who will visit your shop again?

In the meantime, prices also need to maximize the benefits, to carry out a very good market to allow more people to choose something that you produced. It is important to focus in order to succeed in acrylic table top.

Focused on the production of acrylic table top display, supermarket display stands or metal display stand, etc. Your products will be the best one day.

If acrylic table top display vendors want to survive in such a market, they must be done to these requirements. Then you can get a good large degree of competitiveness.

Acrylic material for acrylic table top

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Actgreen Acrylic Display has been specific in acrylic cosmetic display line for more than 20 years with top finish and stable structure.

 Ya Ke Li is also called PMMA or Ya Jia Li, they are the Chinese names for acrylic, it is a kind of synthetic glass. Its chemical name is PMMA ( polymethyl methacrylate ). It’s an important thermoplastic plastic developed in early time. 

Acrylic has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resisting property, easy to dye, workable, with features of nice appearance and widely apply to building industry. Generally, plastic display stands usually can be divided into pours the board, squeezes out the board and the mold plastic. 

The most 2 prominent features of acrylic are its transmittance of light and plasticity. Transmittance of light: Many acrylic display risers are made of transparent acrylic is because of its high transmissivity (above 92%), the looks are comparable with crystal, very translucent. 

Second, acrylic table top display made of transparent acrylic can reduce the intensity of the light needed, it is more energy-saving. Plasticity: We introduce many technics in the earlier introduction of acrylic display case, and this indirectly reflects the plasticity of acrylic material. 

It is exactly because the plasticity of acrylic that is it possible that so many acrylic table top display of various of patterns and colors come out in our life. 

Besides the above important features, acrylic has other properties as follows:        Weather ability, acid and alkali-resistance: The temperature interval of acrylic is below 85 degrees Celsius, it can also keep complete existence even after exposure to the sun and rain for seasons and does not distort. 

Acrylic belongs to special synthetic glass. Its acid and alkali-resistance can be tested by the solubility parameter close principle theory.

Strong impact resistance and light deadweight: The impact resistance ability of acrylic is 16 times stronger than ordinary glass. Acrylic products outmatch glass products, and their lifespan is longer than common glass products, usually above 3 years. Acrylic’s own weight is relatively light, is the 1/2 of common glasses’. 

Convenient and fast maintenance: This is an important point in the maintenance of acrylic. It’s convenient to maintain acrylic product, very easy to clean, even the rain can clean the dust and stain on it. 

As for some stain that is relatively hard to clean, you can use soapy water of low concentration and a piece of soft cotton cloth to easily clean it. 

How to Solve bubbles exist in acrylic table top

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Actgreen Acrylic Display has been specific in acrylic cosmetic display line for more than 20 years.

When merchandise manufactures are making , they always met with some difficulties, especially in the most important aspects, for example, when bonding acrylic products, bubbles exist in acrylic display; some of these produces even appear whitish phenomenon. 

1. How to choose an adhesive. If the manufacturer to use cheap glue in order to reduce the cost, this will not only reduce the produce value, and you will lose your customer after they use your acrylic stands. so how to choose the best adhesive must be based on the conditions of their own factories, customer requirements, quantity, etc. Whatever you chose, remember this: what you chose for your acrylic retail display, it plays a key role for your acrylic countertop display case.

Examine the edges of the acrylic that you want to join are flat and clean, wipe the edges of the acrylic with a clean cloth and alcohol, after fill your adhesive, maintain pressure on the acrylic to be joined. Use your hands or a clamp to hold the pieces together. 

Use blowing device to dry the water-based paint, but do not use it directly, the surface water of rapid volatile could also cause whitish. We can put it in the distance. and do not let your product under the direct sunlight, it can also cause the product to yellow and so on.

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